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You’ll LOVE the sleek profile—even when they’re in your pocket!

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Compact Luxury Shadewear—With A Twist!

Our sunglasses are precision engineered and crafted with premium materials, because compromise IS NOT in our DNA.

Like many other innovative products that originate from Detroit, Charlie V sunglasses are state of the art shade wear. They are a perfect blend of cutting-edge craftsmanship, design and premium materials that provide comfort, style, versatility and durability. No matter your choice of activity, these sunglasses are perfect for discerning individuals looking for a refined look that’s durable and designed to last. Charlie V’s were born in Detroit. Like the city, they serve as a reminder of an ever changing landscape. One that encompasses not just a rich industrious past but tough times, cultural milestones and a magnetic energy drawing souls to “Come And Create”. In the spirit of their birthplace, Charlie V’s are true Americana.

Put a pair on—you’ll feel it.
Take your Charlie V’s off, give’m a twist and drop them in your shirt pocket—or even your pants pocket. No worries—they lay much flatter and more compact than traditional glasses.
Choose from black or white frames and a variety of lens colors. Pick one that fits YOUR STYLE!