Charlie V - Our Story

Who Is Charlie V?

My dad, Charlie Victor Alcini was a highly skilled superior craftsman and artist. He always believed in working to the best of your ability, never sacrificing integrity or quality… it showed in his fruit and character. As a clay sculptor and model maker in Detroit, he applied these qualities to every project he worked on. When I was younger, I remember tagging along with my dad and seeing his dedication and commitment to not only his work, but to his family. We lost him too soon, he was only 66… but his legacy lives on in the sunglasses aptly named after him.

Charlie V sunglasses are American made and uniquely crafted to convey high quality and unparalled craftsmanship. Whether you live an active lifestyle or just like to chill with friends, we have you covered with superior eye protection and equally stylish looks.

Gerard Alcini – Founder


Our Sunglass Styles

C.V.O. Wrap Around Sport Sunglasses

Precision engineered with a state of the art twist and pivot hinge design—enabling a more compact folding position. This is great for slipping in your shirt pocket or stowing in an overhead bin inside your car. The arms are also less exposed to potential damage because they’re not bulging outward when folded this way.

Our polycarbonate frames are tooled, produced and assembled in the USA using time tested injection molding technologies. The lenses are premium grade, 2mm shatter resistant polycarbonate, meeting all US and European standards for full UV protection and are polarized for an added level of comfort and protection. The hinge is made up of stainless steel components, with the visible portion being produced from a leading edge 3D additive manufacturing system.

These ruggedly handsome frames are suitable for the active lifestyle, driving or just plain old enjoying God’s gift of life while relaxing with your family and friends.

Classic Wood Sunglasses

Mindfully organic, “soft” and weightless; all our wood frames offer six beautiful variants made from combinations of Cherry, Mahogany, Maple and Walnut. Our Model Maker frames are unisex, fitting both men and women perfectly. The new sassy (and classy) Ada and Angie models are made just for the ladies.

We handcraft our frames in the USA from start to finish using only premium hardwoods. These beautiful frames are laminated 14 layers high, then compressed under 20 tons of pressure before any shaping takes place. The end result is as strong as it is stunning. The ebb and flow of the paired hardwoods with their contrasting natural beauty and organic textures are sure to capture your attention (and everyone around you too). Each frame is one of a kind- and uniquely crafted just for you because no two are the same. Oh…and did we mention how good they wear? Charlie V guarantees 100% that these will be the most comfortable sunglasses you’ll ever own- Yep, that’s how good.