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Who Is Charlie V?

My dad, Charlie Victor Alcini was a highly skilled superior craftsman and artist. He always believed in working to the best of your ability, never sacrificing integrity or quality… it showed in his fruit and character. As a clay sculptor and model maker in Detroit, he applied these qualities to every project he worked on. When I was younger, I remember tagging along with my dad and seeing his dedication and commitment to not only his work, but to his family. We lost him too soon, he was only 66… but his legacy lives on in the sunglasses aptly named after him.

Charlie V sunglasses are American made and uniquely crafted to convey high quality and superior craftsmanship. They are precision engineered with a world exclusive, patent pending, twist and pivot hinge design—enabling a more compact folding position. This is great for slipping in your shirt pocket or stowing in an overhead bin inside your car. The arms are also less exposed to potential damage because they’re not bulging outward when folded.

The development and prototyping took almost 3 years of late evenings and weekends to get here. Sometimes it just takes longer to get it right, but these glasses display Charlie’s signature—which means short cuts were definitely not an option.

The polycarbonate frames are tooled, produced and assembled in the USA using time tested injection molding technologies. The lenses are premium grade, 2mm shatter resistant polycarbonate, meeting all US and European standards for full UV protection and are polarized for an added level of safety, comfort and protection. The hinge is made up of stainless steel components, with the visible portion being produced from a leading edge 3D additive manufacturing system.

3D metal printing is an exclusive process—almost solely limited to the medical and aerospace industries today. Charlie V’s feature a 3D printed stainless steel hinge cover. This exclusive process is one of those details that helps to define character and add value, so it’s a must.

In a nutshell, Compromise is not in our DNA because it bears Charlie’s name. Charlie V’s are for discerning individuals looking for something unique with an uncompromising design, precision engineered and crafted with high quality, premium materials. They are comfortable, look really cool and make a bold statement about the person wearing them.

Gerard Alcini – Founder