UV protectant sunglasses keep your eyes protected while eliminating glare and maintaining your focus on the road. Although it’s important to wear sunglasses for many reasons, damaging UV rays may reduce visibility when driving. By wearing the proper eyewear, you will improve viewability and eliminate eye strain.

What Types of Shades is Good for Driving?

First, let’s start by mentioning that driving sunglasses must offer 100% UV protection. Your eyes are extremely vulnerable to UV rays, and protecting them is key. Choosing a pair of shades with glare-resistant lenses will also put you on the right path for a good pair of sunglasses for driving.

According to a recent report, the best tint colors for lenses while driving are amber, gray, and copper because they help maintain color distinction.

There are four classes for lens tints ranging from 0-4.

CategoryLight TransmittedColorRecommended Use
080%-100%Transparent/Very LightReduced solar radiation
143%-80%LightComfort, cosmetic, or fashion
218%-43%Medium StrongGeneral use
38%-18%StrongHigh solar radiation
43%-8%Very DarkIntense solar radiation (tropical, snow, sand, water & mountains)

Given your situation, choosing a tint category that allows enough light to come through without burning or damaging your eyes is essential. It’s important to note category 4 is not recommended to wear when driving due to the low amount of light transmitted through these lenses.

Polarized Sunglasses for Driving

Many variables play a factor to determine the sunglasses for driving. Stay away from a very dark lens tint that prevents enough light to transmit through the lenses. A pair of polarized sunglasses with the appropriate lens tint will work great for driving. Polarized lenses greatly reduce unwanted glare that can obstruct eye vision. Glare can come from headlights, water on the road, window reflection, sun rays, and more. In other words, light reflection is all around us.

Wearing polarized sunglasses when driving will significantly block the majority of annoying glare that may cause distractions. Decreasing brightness on cloudy and sunny days without compromising visibility are benefits of wearing polarized shadewear.

Customizing Sunglasses for Driving

When searching for the best pair of sunglasses for driving, it’s important to select a pair that offers 100% UV protection with polarized lenses and is comfortable to wear. Like most people, you probably do a lot of driving and it’s vital to have the proper eyewear to keep yourself out of harm’s way while behind the wheel.

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