Charlie V Proudly Made In The USA.

Skillfully crafted American-made frames by Charlie V are created to last and look great. We know how blessed we are to be able to do our thing right here at home and share our handcrafted sunglasses with the world and it’s an honor we don’t take for granted. The love of our great country and creating a small part of what makes it tick is a gift. Buying American-made products means that the cash register rings at home with most of the proceeds being reinvested here. Ultimately, this leads to more job creation and a stronger economy. Charlie V believes in a strong worldwide economy, but family and country are our top priorities.

This is why all of our frames are 100% American-made, as well as all of the processes that take place after they are molded (CVO wrap-around frames) or milled (Model Maker wood frames). This includes sanding, tumbling, painting, pad printing, hot stamping, and assembly. The Charlie V. team handles a number of these processes internally and works with local suppliers for the rest.

How Charlie V Skillfully Crafts Sunglasses

With each product, we always strive to work locally, then nationally. Only when it is impossible to achieve in the USA will we look beyond our shores. Currently, the only elements we have had to venture internationally for are our non-prescription lenses and some of our hinges and screws. Fortunately, we have forged relationships with exceptional suppliers to provide these items, which after an exhaustive search we learned aren’t available domestically.

We know consumers often want to buy made-in-America products, but also fear they will be costlier than those produced overseas. It’s true that it would be a lot easier, with a lower price point and a lot higher profit potential if we didn’t take the personal care to work locally and maintain the highest standards of quality for our products.

That is why we took a calculated risk to offer consumers the option of a high-quality, American-made brand. In order to be successful with this venture, we have to be smart, and efficient, work harder and make sacrifices. Our foundational focus is to build a brand based on impeccable design, engineering, and craftsmanship with a scaleable business plan that further improves our efficiency. The bottom line is, making our own stuff is unquestionably the best way to control production, and quality and produce an exceptional pair of sunglasses.

Charlie V Supports Similar Businesses

Our team loves seeing other brands take a similar approach. One story that resonates is a fellow Michigan company. Sutorial out of Flint, MI who creates meticulously crafted boots using traditional methods. Each pair takes up to 30 hours to complete. For those looking to purchase a pair, they appear pricey at first glance, but the company estimates 20-30 years of life out of each pair. This level of craftsmanship echoes the pride and care we take in our own creations and we love seeing local companies like this thrive, especially when they truly believe in the craft of what they make. We look forward to seeing more and more people walking around in a pair of Sutorial boots complimented by a pair of Charlie V.’s.

Thanks to our customers who have a passion for our country’s exceptional products and for the people making them. We have a small but mighty staff of 10 on our team with a deliberate focus on exceptional execution from design and engineering to manufacturing and assembly to sales and marketing. Charlie V produces great American-made products and are proving that it can be done profitably and efficiently and hope to grow our team in the near future.

Our friendly staff looks forward to expanding our team, our products and our contribution to our country. Thank you for joining us in our mission.