Fall has arrived and that rises the question do you need to wear sunglasses in the fall? Temperatures are dropping, the leaves are changing, and the sky may be cloudy. The autumn season can feel like the perfect time to stash away your sunglasses, but harmful outdoor elements are still around. Learn why it’s crucial to continue wearing your sunglasses for optimal eye protection during the fall months.

Why Should I Wear Sunglasses in the Fall?

Many factors come into play for the importance of wearing sunglasses during the fall season. One of the most important reasons is to protect your eyes while enjoying the beautiful colors that fall time offers.

The sun is closer in the fall than in summer

It’s common to think the sun is closer to the earth during the summer due to the hot weather. But what if we told you the sun is closer to earth during the fall compared to summer? This equates to the sun’s decrease in how high it rises and causes powerful UV rays in your eyes. Your body will naturally go into protection mode to block out these unwanted sun rays, but it comes at a price such as headaches, eye strain, eye fatigue, and other critical eye conditions.

Block harmful UV rays

Although the autumn season may bring additional cloud coverage, 90% of UV rays can still penetrate clouds. This means wearing the proper eye protection during this time will help block the UV rays from damaging your eyes. The skin around the eyes also needs protection from the sun’s UV rays to prevent skin cancer. Just because the weather is cooler and not as sunny doesn’t mean you should not wear sunglasses.

Reduce powerful sun glare

Glare and reflection from objects and water can cause damage to your eyes. High-quality polarized sunglasses provide many benefits and help reduce powerful sun glare. Additionally, your eyesight is reduced when glare is high and may put you in harm’s way.

Protect your eyes against wind

As the season changes and the cold-dry wind picks up, your eyes become more vulnerable to becoming dry and potentially causing eye damage. Sunglasses are the perfect shield of protection against windy days. Without sunglasses, your eyes will also become exposed to debris that the wind carries with it.

Enjoy the Fall Colors Better While Wearing Sunglasses

Fall is a time when many outdoor activities take place. Fall is also a beautiful site to see when the colors are changing. Proper eyewear will improve visibility and the variety in colors during fall. You will eliminate eye-squinting and unwanted glare reflecting in your eyes that make it difficult to see when enjoying this time of year while wearing sunglasses.

Choosing the Proper Lenses for Fall

It is recommended to wear a lighter-colored lens during the fall season. Yellow lenses are known to be one of the best colors during fall because they improve visual clarity. Green and gray lenses are popular also as they offer great accuracy in the contrast you see between colors. Your lenses must be polarized for optimal protection.

Polarized sunglasses offer the most protection and clarity over other types of lenses. Polarized sunglasses also offer accurate depth perception and durability for withstanding the outdoor elements.

The key fact to keep in mind is the importance of your eye health. Although fall may bring colder weather and cloudier skies, your sunglasses should always be worn while you are enjoying this beautiful time of year.