You have invested in a pair of wooden sunglasses but aren’t sure what the best approach is to take care of them. Your glasses provide a fashionable look while keeping your eyes protected from harmful UV rays. This brief article will provide valuable information that will allow you to keep your stylish wooden glasses safe and looking great for years to come. 

Store in Protective Sunglasses Case

Although wooden glasses are durable, accidents can still happen. Storing your wooden shades in a protective case keeps them from becoming victims of innocent damage. Whether it’s a heavy-duty packaging box like Charlie V provides with all of their wooden sunglasses, or a high-quality sunglass case purchased elsewhere, be sure to properly store your beautiful wooden sunglasses to keep them safe. 

Ensure Your Wooden Sunglasses Are Sealed to Prevent Moisture

When purchasing wooden frames you will need to ensure they have a sealant on them to prevent warping from moisture and water. Your sunglasses are designed to be worn outside, and outdoor elements can cause damage to the wood on your sunglasses if the manufacturer did not properly seal the wood. 

When wooden shades are properly sealed, you will not have to worry about water or moisture having a negative impact by causing damage

Use a Wood Conditioner For Sunglasses

Using a wood conditioner that is specifically designed for wooden sunglasses will preserve their durability and natural look. As wood ages, it becomes dry, brittle, and fades. This results in sunglasses breaking easily and losing their natural beauty. 

With the use of proper wood conditioner, your sunglasses hold onto their rich wooden color and allows the grain of the wood to be more pronounced and unique to fit your style. Wood conditioner for sunglasses also adds additional protection from outdoor elements such as the sun’s UV rays, rain, wind, and cold and hot temperatures. 

Keep in mind that all wood conditioners aren’t created equal. Please message us to learn more, or if you are interested in purchasing a high-quality wood conditioner for your frames. 

About Charlie V Wooden Sunglasses

Packed with 14 layers of premium wood, all our hardwoods are among the most valued in any wood craft-making industry. They are beautiful, strong, and considered to be top-notch woods. For these reasons, we feel they are worthy of being transformed into lightweight, elegant, and very comfortable sunglasses. You will literally forget that you are wearing them—they are that comfortable.

Cherry Wooden Sunglasses

Cherry wooden sunglasses

Strong, smooth, and can be sanded to a glass-like finish. Charlie V’s cherry color varies from light brown to reddish brown and offers a distinctively attractive grain.

Mahogany Wooden Sunglasses

Mahogany wooden sunglasses

One of the most coveted woods in the world for fine furniture making. Also popular for those skillfully crafted, classic runabout motor boats popular during the 1930’s-1950’s. Color can vary from deep red-brown to dark red with a very distinctive grain and medium coarse texture.

Maple Wooden Sunglasses

Maple wooden sunglasses

A very dense, fine-textured, and moisture-resistant wood that can withstand a bit more abuse. Its color is pale to light brown, with natural swirls and twists in the grain.

Walnut Wooden Sunglasses

Walnut wooden sunglasses

Imagine a rich chocolate river with the occasional lighter shade quiescently streaming its way through like a small canoe wake. Walnut is a hard, dense, tight-grained texture that can polish to a smooth finish. The color ranges from vanilla white to dark chocolate color.

If you’re on the market for a new pair of wooden sunglasses that are light in weight, durable, stylish, and hand-made, then try a pair of Charlie V’s wooden frames.