As many of us watch the warm and sunny days disappear, keeping your sunglasses on hand is still crucial. If you invested in a quality pair of sunglasses such as Charlie V, your shades are holding up after your adventurous summer. Look great this fall with Charlie V sunglasses.

Quality Sunglass Lenses That Turn Heads

Charlie V offers the nicest lens colors in the sunglasses world. With numerous options, all of our colors are created to look good, protect your eyes, and allow you to see fall colors in their entire beauty.

Lens colors for our Wooden Model Makers.

Lens color for our CVO Wraparound Sunglasses.

During the fall, it is advised to use lenses with a lighter hue. Since orange and yellow lenses enhance visual clarity, they are considered to be among the best options for fall. Gray, silver, and green lenses are also well-liked because they provide a very accurate color contrast. For best protection, polarized lenses are required.

Compared to other lens types, polarized sunglasses provide the best protection and clarity. In addition to providing precise depth perception, Charlie V’s polarized sunglasses are weatherproof and durable.

Despite the fact that autumn often brings cloudier skies and lower temperatures, you should never enjoy this lovely season without wearing sunglasses.

Why Should You Wear Sunglasses During The Fall

What you may not know is that autumn brings the sun closer than summer does. There are numerous variables that influence how important it is to wear sunglasses in the fall. The most crucial justification is to safeguard your eyes while taking in the stunning fall colors.

Because of the heat in the summer, people often believe that the sun is closer to Earth. However, what if we told you that, in contrast to summer, the sun is closer to Earth in the fall? This corresponds to a drop in the sun’s rising altitude, which results in intense UV radiation entering your eyes. In order to block out these harmful solar rays, your body will instinctively go into protection mode. However, this has health costs, such as headaches.

Protect Your Eyes From Fall Elements While Looking Great

Your eyes are more susceptible to drying up and even developing damage when the seasons change and the chilly, dry wind increases. Sunglasses provide the ideal wind protection on windy days. Your eyes will be exposed to particles carried by the wind if you don’t wear sunglasses.

Over 90% of UV rays can still pass through clouds, even though autumn may bring more cloud cover. This means that protecting your eyes from UV rays during this period can be achieved by donning the appropriate eye protection. To avoid skin cancer, the skin surrounding the eyes must also be shielded from the sun’s UV rays. You should still wear sunglasses even when it isn’t as hot or sunny outside.

In addition to looking fantastic with Charlie V sunglasses, you can rest assured that your eyes are being protected at the same time with our eyewear.