Handcrafted to perfection, Charlie V’s wooden sunglasses are also eco-friendly while providing a bold and stylish design. Our attention to detail and the best organic material make our sunglasses the best eco-friendly option in the eyewear industry.

Feel confident knowing that you look great and help the environment simultaneously.

Environment-Friendly Sunglasses Made From Premium Wood

We handcraft our wooden frames from start to finish using only premium hardwoods that are laminated 14 layers high for strength and durability. Charlie V offers beautiful wood options such as cherry, maple, walnut, and mahogany frames.

If you were to lose your sunglasses outside they would eventually break down like any other wood in nature. The legacy of your Charlie V sunglasses truly never ends.

Customize Your Eco-Friendly Wooden Sunglass Frames

Eco-friendly sunglasses

Choose how you want your sunglasses to look by customizing your eco-friendly frames. Select from the variety of premium hardwoods we offer to compliment your style. Not only are our sunglasses comfortable to wear, but they also keep you confident by knowing you customized a pair of sunglasses to fit your lifestyle.

The natural design from the wood we use in each pair of frames we create is never duplicated, making your sunglasses unique and personal.

Sunglasses That Are Unisex & Eco-Friendly

Engineered and designed for everyone, our Model Maker and Wraparound Sport frames are unisex to provide the perfect fit for all men’s and women’s faces, no matter the shape or size. Adding a diverse style to our shades provides options to ensure you receive the best eco-friendly sunglasses you deserve.

Match Your Environment-Friendly Sunglass Frames With Multiple Lens Colors

Enviromental-friendly sunglasses

Along with one of a kind pair of customized frames, you can select the perfect lens color to enhance your fashion. All of our lenses are polarized to ensure proper eye protection and safety when you’re enjoying your outdoor activities.

Select from a robust list of sunglass lenses that include:

  • Black Solid Tint
  • Brown Solid Tint
  • Ice Blue Mirror
  • Amber Ocean Mirror
  • Sunburst Mirror
  • Additional options depending on the style

No need to worry if you’re not sure which lens color would look the best for your wooden frames. The Charlie V website gives a virtual look at what your sunglasses will look like when you update the lens colors – eliminating confusion and providing transparency into how amazing your eco-friendly sunglasses will look.

Charlie V Offers The Best Eco-Friendly Sunglasses

We take pride in our work and the product that you purchase. Rather than relying on machinery and materials that are damaging to the environment, we invest a lot of time into our wooden sunglasses to be as eco-friendly as possible. At the end of the day, it brings us great joy knowing that our sunglasses provide a positive purpose to the world we live in and to your personal goals.

We encourage you to contact a member of the Charlie V family to learn more about our eco-friendly sunglasses, or if you have questions about a purchase.