Charlie V offers USA-made sport sunglasses that are created in Algonac, Michigan. Our attention to detail provides unmatched quality craftsmanship. We’re proud to put our name on a high-quality product for the American people to wear daily.

Learn more about our American-made sunglasses and how they will bring out your patriotic side.

Show Off Your Patriotic Side With USA Sport Sunglasses

If you’re looking for USA-made sunglasses, you are patriotic and devoted to your country. Buying American products is essential to you, and you want to show this in everything you do. We can relate here at Charlie V, and this is why we wanted to offer premium American-made eyewear that makes you look and feel great.

We guarantee that our USA sport sunglasses will turn heads and have people asking where you purchased them. And when they do, you can proudly inform them how you supported an American company.

Sport Sunglasses That Are Made in The USA

Although we offer a variety of sunglasses, our sports sunglasses with a wrap-around design are the most popular for those searching for stylish USA-made eyewear. Although you may pay a little more for quality sunglasses, you will be surprised to learn that our USA-made sports glasses cost no more than our foreign competitors.

Our wrap-around sport sunglasses and wood frame sunglasses are entirely handmade. Each pair goes through a process to ensure levelness, strength testing, and superior quality check. We also offer the option to order prescription lenses for your Charlie V. frames.

Quality USA Sport Sunglasses

All of our sunglasses are made from the highest quality material available. Each pair of sunglasses provides a robust style and polarized lenses for proper fashion and eye protection. With proper care and sunglass cleaning, your Charlie V’s will last for an extensive period of time, and possibly forever.

USA-made sport sunglasses shouldn’t skimp on quality, design, or fashion. We stand behind our sunglasses with confidence that you will be completely satisfied with the quality and looks of our eyewear.

Why it’s Important to Buy USA-Made Products

American-made products have standards to meet when it comes to quality. When you buy American, you’re buying a product that will last and be dependable. You will also be supporting USA businesses.

Did you know small businesses make up over 99.9% of businesses in the United States? This equates to approximately 30.5 million small businesses in the U.S. according to statistics provided by Orberlo.

When supporting USA businesses, you’re contributing to the American economy by helping all Americans, including yourself.

Charlie V USA Sport Sunglasses

We welcome you to view our lineup of sunglasses that fit your patriotic needs. Not only will you be buying American, but you will receive peace of mind knowing your USA sport sunglasses are an investment that will last and provide you with the patriotic look that you deserve.

Shop here and view our USA-made sport sunglasses!