What’s Under The Hood?

The lenses are premium grade, 2mm *shatter resistant polycarbonate, meeting all US and European standards for full UV protection and are polarized for an added level of safety, comfort and protection. They come in a variety of tints and coatings. All styles come with Anti-Reflective coatings. Not sure what fits your style? Check out our Shade Styles.

    Polarized Lenses:

    • Ensure over 99% UVA and UVB Protection
    • Protect against Horizontal Glare and improve safety.
    • Reduce eye strain and add comfort.
    • Improve vision by revealing crisp, clean colors.

    Polarized lenses are great for boating and water activity in general because they allow you to see into the water as opposed to glare from the sun and sky’s reflection. And we all deal with those road commutes- almost blinded by glare coming from the car in front of us. Polarized lenses have that covered too.

    Twist and Pivot Hinge

    Charlie V’s are precision engineered with a world exclusive, patent pending twist and pivot hinge design that enables a more compact folding position. The visible outer shell is produced in the USA from a leading edge 3D additive manufacturing system and comprises all stainless steel components beneath its handsomely rugged exterior.

    This breakthrough design is great for slipping in your shirt pocket or stowing in an overhead bin inside your car. The arms are also less exposed to potential damage because they’re not bulging outward when folded.

    The frames are tooled, produced and assembled in the USA. Employing time tested injection molding technologies, we use a Makrolon Polycarbonate material. It is unsurpassed for toughness and meets or exceeds the performance characteristics of any directly competitive product on the market today.

      Frames Come in:

    • Matte Black
    • White
    With our logo embossed on the outside and foil printed on the inside, this case is almost equally as stunning as the treasure it protects. It’s beautiful and worthy of handling your Charlie V shades.
    To ensure every pair of Charlie V sunglasses meet our high standards, they are individually inspected from our team of experts and fine-tuned before leaving our doors. Based on beta testing with select consumers, Charlie V’s not only meet the quality of other high end sunglasses but fix the age old problem of compactly stowing them in your shirt pocket when not in use. The comfort, style and durability of our eyewear will exceed your expectations.

    *Lenses are not unbreakable or shatterproof.

    Ultra Sleek Wrap Around Sport Shades With a Compact Fold.