Our “Model Maker” Classic Wood Sunglasses are Stylish, Ultra lightweight and So Comfortable You’ll Forget You’re Wearing Them.

A Quick Guide To Understanding The Features of the Hardwoods We Use:

All our hardwoods are among the most valued in any wood craft making industry. They are beautiful, strong… and considered to be premium woods. For these reasons, we feel they are worthy of being transformed into lightweight, elegant and very comfortable sunglasses. You will literally forget that you are wearing them—they are that comfortable.

Cherry Finishes

Cherry Finishes - Closeup

Top: Natural
Bottom: Soft Buff 

Cherry Arm Sample


Strong, smooth and can be sanded to a glass like finish. Its color varies from light brown to reddish brown, with a distinctively attractive grain.

Mahogany Finishes

Mahogany Finishes - Closeup

Top: Natural
Bottom: Soft Buff 

Mahogany Arm Sample


One of the most coveted woods in the world for fine furniture making. Also popular for those skillfully crafted, classic runabout motor boats popular during the 1930’s-1950’s. Color can vary from deep red-brown to dark red with a very distinctive grain and medium coarse texture.

Maple Finishes

Maple Finishes - Closeup

Top: Natural
Bottom: Soft Buff 

Maple Arm Sample


A very dense, fine textured and moisture resistant wood that can withstand a bit more abuse. Its color is pale to light brown, with natural swirls and twists in the grain.

Walnut Finishes

Walnut Finishes - Closeup

Top: Natural
Bottom: Soft Buff 

Walnut Arm Sample


Picture a rich chocolate river with the occasional lighter shade quiescently streaming its way through like a small canoe wake. Walnut is a hard, dense, tight-grained texture that can polish to a smooth finish. The color ranges from vanilla white to a dark chocolate color.

Frame Combinations

Lens Colors